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Annie met the rug man, about fifteen years ago or longer by pure chance. He was ordered, (by Mrs. Rug Man), to go over to the general store in Pigeon Forge to get some cornmeal. Well traffic was pretty bad that day and he decided to take a shortcut, (that only us locals know about), which bought him right pass the shop. Well he noticed the name, "Apple Annie's" , and wondered to himself if she might be interested in my rugs shaped like "apples"? He turned around and pulled in the parking lot got out of his truck and came in and introduced himself as "the rug man" and spoke with "Annie" about his rugs shaped like apples and if she would be interested in buying some. Well the first thing Annie asked him , can they be washed and what kind of braid do you use? He told her and then Annie said, if you can braid them using chenille yarn so my customers can wash them then I'll buy your rugs. Well he came back back about two weeks later with a pick-up truck load of rugs and we have been selling his rugs ever since.

As the story goes Mrs. Rug Man is the one who started braiding the rugs so as to supplement their income and then he starting helping. They were in their late sixties when Annie first started selling their rugs. Annie's husband, "Apple Andy" told customers they are braided by a "young couple in their seventies". A few years went by before we even found out the rug mans name, Jerry. Still going strong and now we are his only customer!

We are proud to offer their rugs, not just in Annie's store but also here on her website!

They are hand crafted braided rugs from re-purposed chenille yarn. They come in several sizes, small oval 20" X 30", medium oval 24" x 36" large oval 24" X 48", a 36" round and the "dog-bone" rug, (shaped just like a dog bone) for the food and water bowls, 20" x 13". Then any remnants leftover from the braiding of the rugs are braided into 15" round mats.

There will be pairs of rugs and/or sets from time to time but please keep in mind these are hand crafted braided rugs and the pairs will not be an exact match, (if anyone comes in your house and points out the difference then you don't need those people in your house)!

They are reversible, great in front of kitchen sinks, bath mats, landings, front and rear door etc. and can be used outside as long as they are not in the direct sun (so they won't fade). They can be machined washed on gentle cycle and cold water then lay flat to air dry.

So please be patient and keep checking the web site week to week for the young couple in their seventies rugs. As we get more we will post them as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Apple Andy

P.S. They don't braid rugs to look like apple's anymore.